Direct to Store Distribution

Blackstone is one of the only prepaid and payment providers with an established direct-to-store and online distribution channel for various products and services. Our warehouse fulfillment center in Florida will ship directly to store and provide you with business services like receipt and paper supplies, prepaid products, toll transponder and other revenue generating products. We are always seeking distribution partners and exciting products to grow this unique network in the convenience store and retail space.

Toll Transit Transponders

The most commonly used SunPass transponders are small, pocket sized devices that are attached to the inside of your car windshield, just below the rearview mirror.

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Phone Cards

One of our oldest categories, Blackstone strives to maintain the most competitive long distance and pinless products for countries around the globe. Offer over 150 different long distance phone cards with competitive calling rates and the most extensive line of regional products.

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Impulse Items

Our sourcing relationships with top-tier, highly recognizable national brands make it easy to stock your shelves with the products customers are looking for when they walk through the door.

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