Prepaid Calling Cards

What is the product ?

Long distance phone cards so that customers can make calls from the United States to every part of the world cheaper than using their home phone service. Our cards are available in physical scratch off format. Blackstone delivers the product to the store on consignment. Each rep has a route that they must visit on a weekly or biweekly basis. During the visit, the rep must do inventory and replenish the store with additional cards. Also, the rep is responsible for placing marketing materials and collecting payment for the prior sales.

Where can i place this product ?

  • Gas Stations / Convenience Stores
  • Minimarkets / Supermarkets
  • Dollar Stores
  • Cellular Stores
  • Check Cashers / Multiservice Stores

Who can use the product ?

  • Consumers who are looking to call their friends and family abroad
  • Consumers traveling in the US
  • Consumers looking to save on international dialing
  • Consumers who do not have credit and prefer use of cash (unbanked)

Why do i want to buy this product ?

  • Blackstone carries a phone card for every consumer market
  • Blackstone is a reliable prepaid distributor who has been in the market for 15 years
  • We offer best service, best cards, and best rates
  • Store makes a percentage off of the face value of each card and resells it for face value